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We Are The People of the United Methodist Church

Three Simple Rules

We are all at a different place in our walk of faith, and as United Methodists, we find that the study of God isn't done alone.  We are a community of faith that seek God through, Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience.  While we do have a Book of Discipline (which contains some of our history, but deals specifically with Doctrine and Polity), we can sum up our beliefs with three simple rules.

Do No Harm

While some people would interpret this as simply avoiding evil, it goes much deeper.  We can be harmful to ourselves and others in so many ways.  We work to root the causes of harm out of our lives so we can focus on God.

Do Good

Being kind and merciful, at every opportunity, as much as you can, to all people.  Jesus told us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, and those in prison.  That's a good start.  Ultimately it is our goal to reflect the perfect love of Christ back into the world.

Stay In Love With God

This was originally written; "Attend upon all the ordinances of God."  Ordinances are things you observe, like speed limit signs.  The ordinances they originally meant were , public worship, personal and group Bible study, Prayers both private and with family, fasting, abstinence, and observing the sacrament of communion.
What gets lost here, is these are intended to be shared within a faith community, and that community holds each other up, and keep each other accountable and growing towards God.

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