Piedmont United Methodist

Rethinking Church…

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Piedmont United Methodist

Rethinking Church…

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“Open Hearts    Open Minds   Open Doors”

– The People of the United Methodist Church
Serving Bread

About Us

Our staff and volunteers are  dedicated to serving our Piedmont community as well as our brothers and sisters in Christ from all corners of the world.   We invite you to visit us – learn of the gifts God has given each of them and perhaps share your own.

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Piedmont celebrates two distinct services to meet the growing needs of different generations.    Each Sunday morning at 8:30am we celebrate a Traditional Worship service with the added benefits of some modern technology like hearing aids and large projection screens up front so we don’t always have to read the fine print in the Hymnal.

At 11:00am each Sunday we celebrate a Contemporary Worship  geared toward meeting the needs of the 21st century Americans.   It includes a band, praise music, and elements that get the juices flowing – while still conveying the love of God the Father in every day life.

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The United Methodist Church provides local churches with wide latitude when it comes to the governing structure selected by the local church, the pastor, and the district superintendent.   There is wide latitude to convene a structure that:

  • has clear lines of authority, so that everyone knows who is in charge of what
  • privileges decision-making above simple reporting, so that God’s people can move forward in ministry
  • empowers laity to do the work of making disciples rather than sitting in incessant meetings, and
    empowers the pastor to attend to the work of Word, Order, Sacrament, and Service.
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Piedmont United Methodist has an extensive mission outreach both here within our local community and in partnership with other United Methodist Churches world wide.  Our missionaries range in age from grade-school doing hard labor for those less fortunate to those helping our own senior citizens.   Across Oklahoma, we participate in Skyline Urban Ministries, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, and many, many others.

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As time and technologies move ever-onward, the United Methodist Church is making adopting new ways to provide simple and convenient ways to allow us to give generously to God’s work.

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