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Serving Bread

Traditional Worship

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Each Sunday morning at 8:30am we celebrate a Traditional Worship service with the added benefits of some modern technology like hearing aids and large projection screens up front so we don’t always have to read the fine print in the Hymnal.   You’ll enjoy the deep-down comfort of the songs of faith so important to many of us…  ranging from John Wesley to Bill and Gloria Gaither.      Our liturgy is  steeped in tradition without even a hint of being stuffy – we have a chancel choir singing an anthem most Sundays, and a  Bell Choir that’ll knock your socks off when they play.    Our children’s service is led by our very talented Children’s Director, Emily Bacon and she has as many of the ‘big kids’ listening to her as the good Reverend does during his sermon.

Folks have been known to enjoy a good cup of coffee and even a soft drink or two through the service – we would love to have you come join us!

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 Contemporary Worship

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At first glance one might thing the contemporary worship service was filled with millennials  – and there are plenty of young folks in this service – but some of our elder statesmen and ladies are the most enthusiastic about this energetic, music filled, spirit led service.    With a powerful message delivered by our pastor and moving harmonies led by Carrie Helm and Marci Corey – we bet you just can’t help tapping your foot and swaying to the beat just a little bit!


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Holy Communion

…The Lord’s Supper and the Eucharist


The United Methodist Church refers to the sharing of bread and cup by these different names and rightfully so – each of these names is taken from the New Testament and highlights certain facets of this sacrament’s many meanings. Calling it the Lord’s Supper reminds us that it is a meal instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ and hosted by him at his table whenever it takes place. Calling it Holy Communion reminds us that it is an act of the most holy and intimate sharing, making us one with Jesus Christ and part of his body, the church. Calling it the Eucharist, a term taken from the New Testament Greek word meaning thanksgiving, reminds us that giving thanks to God for all that God has done is an essential part of the meal. By using different names we acknowledge that no single name can contain the rich wealth of meanings in this sacred act.

Sometimes we are asked “I’m a Christian, but not a United Methodist.  Am I invited to receive Communion in a United Methodist Church?”    The answer is an emphatic and unqualified “YES!” Yes indeed. It is the Lord’s Supper, not ours, and it is Christ who invites you. As our ritual puts it: “Christ our Lord invites to his table all who love him, who earnestly repent of their sin and seek to live in peace with one another.” We do not refuse any who present themselves desiring to receive. Whether you should receive Communion with us is between you and God.       

Want to know more?  Communion: Some Questions and Answers

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Sacrament of Baptism

As United Methodists, we believe the Sacrament of Baptism is holy and universal across all Christ’s churches.   If you were baptized in another church or even another denomination, we accept that dedication of your life to Him as whole and complete.  

Most traditions that practice or recognize as valid the baptism only of believers — those who have professed faith in Jesus Christ for themselves in some public way — practice baptism not as a means of grace by which God saves and claims us, but rather as a further act of public profession and/or an act of obedience to the command of Christ that his followers be baptized. That is why these “believer’s baptism only” traditions generally refer to baptism as an ordinance — an act ordained or commanded by Christ — rather than a sacrament. The term sacrament means “an oath” and refers to God’s covenant with us (first of all) and ours in response to God’s gracious provision of salvation in Jesus Christ.

United Methodists recognize the baptism of “believers only” traditions, provided those traditions baptize people in water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as generally understood in historic Christianity. We offer baptism to people of all ages who have not previously received Christian baptism in any form. We do not rebaptize those who have already received Christian baptism in any form. Even when the people being baptized are believing adults and are ready to profess their faith, our first emphasis is upon the gracious action of God who establishes the covenant of baptism with us rather than upon the individual’s decision.

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 Service of Christian Marriage


All marriage celebrations at Piedmont United Methodist Church are first and foremost services of worship.  A manual, Weddings at PUMC, is available to help you, our staff, and pastors prepare a wedding plan and marriage celebration which is both an expression of your love for each other and the worship of God. While many of your questions may be answered best with the officiating pastor, this manual will describe the official wedding policies of Piedmont United Methodist Church and the various services that are available to you. The staff and pastor look forward to sharing the joy and excitement of this momentous event in your life.

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Those who are bereaved never have to face death in isolation from other Christians.   It  is precisely at difficult and painful moments our brothers and sisters in Christ are there to sustain and uphold us when the loss is so great. Piedmont First United Methodist Church is a faithful and caring congregation.   We open our doors to any in our community facing such difficult times – membership in our congregation isn’t a requirement.    At our core, our central doctrine is that of Resurrection and we reaffirm our common faith with the bereaved and put the witness our faith in deeply caring action.