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Giving in a Modern World

In today’s fast pace society, many of our congregation elect for a simple way to safely and securely donate to our church.  To meet the demands of today’s young and mobile individuals, we selected two accredited third-parties (PayPal and MOGIV) to ensure your mobile giving is secured with the latest technology.   PayPal provides a simple interface common for many on-line users and MOGIV provides two very simple solutions for those wishing to give in today’s digital world – one by secure email and the other by mobile phone.


Online Donations

You can donate to Piedmont First United Methodist Church as easily as paying for online shopping through eBay or Amazon.   Simply click the logo to the left and securely send your gift through PayPal.

You can send a one-time or recurring gift – you can even add a note letting the Church know if the gift is for something special.

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Text Message Giving

Mogiv allows you to simply text  PUMC 25  to  59769 to send a gift of $25.00 to Piedmont First United Methodist Church.    If you want to donate more – say $100, then simply text PUMC 100  to  59769 and your generous donations will be used to bring the Gospel to our community across the street and around the world.