Post-mortem owner.
Post-mortem owner's email
Include a short sentence or two summarizing the root cause, timeline summary, and the impact. E.g. "Second service of August 99th, we suffered a 30 second projecter outage due to a volunteer accidentally unplugging cables under the table. This caused the video running during second service to stop and the screens to go blank."
Include a description of any conditions that contributed to the issue. If there were any actions taken that exacerbated the issue, also include them here with the intention of learning from any mistakes made during the resolution process.
Indicate if/how this affected services or presentations in the sanctuary.
Include a description of what solved the problem. If there was a temporary fix in place, describe that along with the long-term solution.
Is the current resolution a temporary fix (a workaround) or permanent fix? Note: permanent fixes often require budgeted expenditures.
Who resolved the incident? If more than one person, detail each persons area and contribution to the fix.
What did we do particularly well?
What can we improve on?
What is your recommended action plan to prevent this from recurring?
Other than reporting it to the SPRC Volunteer subcommittee (via the chair) do we need to alert anyone else about the temporary/permanent fix? If so, who?